The Encyclopedia Show: NYC

Wresting untruth from fact once and for all.
We’re back in this like 1985!! 

We’re back in this like 1985!! 




HOLY Explosions Batman!!

The Encyclopedia Show is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from many disciplines to use their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month. After becoming a sensation in Chicago, The Encyclopedia Show is now presented in venues across the country, including here in New York. 

The Encyclopedia Show endeavors to build an age-integrated community cultivating accidental knowledge and irreverent lovingkindness. Though the show is accredited by the Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene, it is our ongoing mission to chafe against logic and proof, find meaning in obfuscation, and wrest truth from fact once and for all. 

This month, Mahogany Browne (Nuyorican Slam coach, publisher of Penmanship Books) is back to present: Explosives. This month we welcome special effects expert Drew Jiritano (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Goldeneye, Synecdoche NY, 30 Rock). As always fact-checker Connor Dooley will be trying to make sure we stick to the truth. Bring your own fire extinguishers and protective eyewear - things are going to get hot!

This month’s performers:

Mike McGee (National Slam champ & author of In Search Of Midnight)
Sick Prose (Nuyorican Slam)
Rico Frederick (louder ARTS slam)
Ms. Wise (host of the Philadelphia poetry slam)
Victoria McCoy (louder ARTS slam) 
Fritz (Urbana Slam team 2011)
Tre G (loser Slam, Nuyorican Slam)
Mega (Intangibles Slam Team 2011 & member of Humani)
Jeanne Verlee (Author of Racing Hummingbirds)
Raymond Daniel (musical director of louder ARTS)
Shira Erlichman (musician & author of Advertisement for a Human Being )

Omar Holmon
Eboni Hogan
Adam Falkner
Jon Sands
fly girl dancing by Keomi
DJ Jive Poetic
Video by John Paul Davis
Artwork by David Allyon